AB “LINAS” in collaboration with partners offers following services:

Yarns dyeing services

  • Dyeing linen and cotton yarns using VAT or reactive dyes.
  • Weight of dyeing lots: 600 kg, 300 kg, 96 kg, 76.8 kg, 38.4 kg, 25.6 kg, 19.2 kg, 12.8 kg, 6.4 kg, 1.6 kg, 0.8 kg (please, pay attention that after dyeing 7% of yarns become line-drawn and 5% losses in weight because of dyeing).

Fabric finishing

Finishing services can be performed on our or client’s fabrics or products:

  • Bleaching
  • Dyeing – using active or washable out dyes
  • Printing – flat printing up to 7 colors
  • Softening – mechanical, chemical, Aero
  • Preshrinkage – finishing to reduce shrinkage of the fabric
  • Special finishes – easy-care, stain resistance (mud and water repellent), antibacterial, non-flammable, etc.
  • Fabrics coating – one of the most exclusive finishes performed in the company; coating is the application of functional, protective or decorative layer on the surface of the material. By changing the fabric, chemicals or methods of coating, new exclusive effects with new application and new functions are obtained.
  • NEW! Products and garments washing, softening and dyeing.

Weaving preparation services

Making the warp rolls for warping machines, the width of the warping is 145-175 cm.

Weaving services

Company is weaving pure linen and linen mix fabrics with jacquard and dobby weaving looms for garments, home textile or technical purposes, according to the customer’s preferred fabric technical characteristics and the desired colors. The width of fabrics 140-300cm (limited possibilities for wide width fabric).

Sewing services

AB “Linas” sews home textile products:

  • Table linen (tablecloth, runners, napkins)
  • Kitchen products (aprons, potholders, gloves, towels)
  • Bedding
  • Interior products (curtains, throws, pillows)
  • Accessories (purses, bags, scarves, cosmetic bags)
  • Products for sauna (robes, towels, pads on stools).

The following operations are applied in sewing: flaps of various widths, cross angles, single or double stitching, folding, embroidery, decorative stitches, punching of eyeholes. The following accessories are possible: lace, buttons, rings, decorative stripes, piping and special stripe for curtains.

The company has obtained certificate “Oeko-Tex 100” standard for the produced items.



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