AB “Linas” Resolutions of the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

April 30, Friday

Resolutions of AB “Linas” Repeated Annual General Meeting of Shareholders dated on 30 April 2021:

  1. Attention is paid to the auditor’s conclusions confirming AB “Linas” consolidated and Company’s financial accountability of year 2020 and was agreed to the consolidated annual report of the company of year 2020.
  2. AB “Linas” consolidated and company’s annual financial statements for the year 2020 was confirmed and was agreed to consolidated annual report for the year 2020.
  3. Company’s profit (loss) allocation of year 2020 was confirmed:

1) retained profit of the previous financial year at the end of the accounting year – 712,912  EUR;

2) net profit of the accounting year  784,498  EUR;

3) profit (loss) of the accounting financial year unrecognized in the statement of comprehensive income – 0 EUR;

4) transfers from mandatory reserve  0 EUR;

5) transfers from reserve for business projects 0 EUR;

6) transfers from reserve for the support 0 EUR;

7) transfers from profit for dividend paying  0 EUR;

8) shareholders contributions to cover company’s loses 0 EUR;

9) allocated loss totally 1,497,410  EUR;

10) share of profit set for the mandatory reserve 39,225 EUR;

11) share of profit set for the reserve for purchase of own shares  0 EUR;

12) share of profit set to other reserves 0 EUR;

13) share of profit set for dividend paying  0 EUR;

14) share of profit set for annual allowances (bonuses) for the members of the board, for the employees premiums and other purposes 0 EUR;

15) retained loss at the end of the financial year transferred to the next financial year 1,458,185  EUR.

  1. Company’s remuneration report for 2020 was approved.
  2. For the subsequent 4 year term of office at the Supervisory Board the following persons was re-elected: Arūnas Ketrys, Virginijus Kundrotas and Darius Kazlauskas.
  3. New version of the Regulations of the Audit Committee was approved.
  4. Company’s all members of the Audit Committee was canceled.
  5. For the subsequent 4 year term of office at the Audit Committee the following persons was elected: Ana Sirienė, Lina Belickienė and Lina Liesytė.


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