1. Linen fabric is 3 times stronger and 5 times more resistance for abrasion and more shiny than cotton.
  2. Linen doesn‘t make allergic reactions and is like natural antiseptic, less mud, soap and whiting residues remain in the fabric, so linen is very suitable for even small kids and people who have problems with skin.
  3. After each washing the fabric becomes softer and less wrinkly.
  4. Linen fabric doesn‘t turn yellowish, but becomes whiter and gentler after time.
  5. Linen fabric goes damp and dry very soon, that is why the fabric warms during cold night and cools the body during hot midday.
  6. Linen fabric is resistance to static electric load.
  7. Linen in comparison with other fabrics makes the best microclimate for the skin, i.e. it is permeable to air, absorbs dampness and sweat (linen fabric can absorb 20 % its weight and still be dry) that is why the skin doesn‘t swelter. This is very actual to the people who‘s skin is very sensitive or has eczema.
  8. Linen fabric is ecological because it is absolutely does not leave any waste doesn‘t make any harm to nature and ecology.
  9. Linen fabric doesn‘t go dirty so soon because have small hairs on the surface which are slippy, plain and do not take dirt.
  10. Linen creases very quickly but these characteristic creases are the sign of authenticity and good quality.
  11. Linen decreases in a half the influence of radiation and protects human‘s organism from ultraviolet.
  12. Linen fabric is used for protective garments of the spacemen and for protection of the spaceships outside. Also USD banknotes, paper for cigarettes and Bibles are produced from linen.

Nowadays still can appear persons who will say that linen is not comfortable to use or is not fashionable, but this is not true. If you bought product from linen, be sure that you invested into luxury, natural item and functionality.

Discover all the best linen characteristics in AB „Linas“ products.



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