UAB Linas LT is vertical integrated manufacturing company with following production stages: Yarn dyeing -> Weaving -> Finishing -> Sewing -> Packing.


Company is weaving pure linen and linen mix fabrics with jacquard and dobby weaving looms for garments, home textile or technical purposes, according to the customer’s preferred fabric technical characteristics and the desired colors. The width of fabrics 140-300cm (limited possibilities for wide width fabric), the weight of fabric 80-400gr/sqm.

Equipment: 60 weaving looms

Production volumes ~ 60 000 m/month.


Following finishing can be performed on our or client’s fabrics or products:

  • Bleaching
  • Dyeing
  • Printing – flat printing up to 7 colors
  • Softening – mechanical, chemical, Aero
  • Preshrinkage – finishing to reduce shrinkage of the fabric
  • Special finishes – see our SMART products
  • Fabrics coating – one of the most exclusive finishes performed in the company; coating is the application of functional, protective or decorative layer on the surface of the material. By changing the fabric, chemicals or methods of coating, new exclusive effects with new application and new functions are obtained.
  • Washing and dyeing of ready made items and garments.
  • Yarn dyeing from natural fibers

7 yarn deing and  22 finishing equipment

Production volumes for yarn dyeing ~ 22 000 kg/month, for fabric finishing ~ 150 000 m/month



Sewing simple clothes and home textiles:

  • Table linen (tablecloth, runners, napkins)
  • Kitchen products (aprons, potholders, gloves, towels)
  • Bedding
  • Interior products (curtains, throws, pillows)
  • Accessories (purses, bags, scarves, cosmetic bags)
  • Products for sauna (robes, towels, pads on stools).

Equipment: 55 sewing machines

Production volumes ~ 78 000 pcs/month.


Manufacture of ready made textile items- by SCEA 13.9
Wholesale of textiles – by SCEA code 46.41

“European Union Funds Investment Action Program 2014-2020”
UAB „Linas LT“ together with Latvian company „JLU Technologies Ltd research&developing” and State reasearch institute „nature research center“ implementing the project „Innovative multifunctional biotextile, integrated with silica dioxide and succinite development, and its impact on biosystems“ IFSITEX No.01.2.2-MITA-K-702-02-002. Project period year 2018- 2021.
The project concept is related to comprehensive research based on development of innovative biotextile with the potential ability to protect living organisms against adverse external environment factors. For the first time, there will be performed complex compounds integrated into textiles.
The main goal of AB Linas in the project is business with such work directions as increasing the share of the existing markets, improving of customer retention and entering new market sectors.
The working tasks include development and application of modern technologies, creation of innovative material compositions and advanced products, and their introduction to customers. Created new products could offer customers performance benefits that cannot be matched by competitors of AB Linas.
This project is funded by the EU Structural Funds under project 01.2.2-MITA-K-702 “Promotion of the Commercialization and Internationalization of R&D Results”.



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