Watch our company presentation video

Watch our company presentation video


Main activities of the company

Manufacture of ready made textile items- by SCEA 13.9
Wholesale of textiles - by SCEA code 46.41

“European Union Funds Investment Action Program 2014-2020”
AB „Linas“ together with Latvian company „JLU Technologies Ltd research&developing” and State reasearch institute „nature research center“ implementing the project „Innovative multifunctional biotextile, integrated with silica dioxide and succinite development, and its impact on biosystems“ IFSITEX No.01.2.2-MITA-K-702-02-002. Project period year 2018- 2021.
The project concept is related to comprehensive research based on development of innovative biotextile with the potential ability to protect living organisms against adverse external environment factors. For the first time, there will be performed complex compounds integrated into textiles.
The main goal of AB Linas in the project is business with such work directions as increasing the share of the existing markets, improving of customer retention and entering new market sectors.
The working tasks include development and application of modern technologies, creation of innovative material compositions and advanced products, and their introduction to customers. Created new products could offer customers performance benefits that cannot be matched by competitors of AB Linas.
This project is funded by the EU Structural Funds under project 01.2.2-MITA-K-702 "Promotion of the Commercialization and Internationalization of R&D Results".


Linen is one of the oldest textile sorts in the world. The production of linen doesn‘t make any harm for nature, because the growing plant doesn‘t exhaust the soil. Linen plants grow quite quickly, so there is no need to feed plants, to treat with pesticides as many other plants which are used for fabrics production. All items produced from linen are biodegradable.

Constantly investing in progressive technologies, "Linas” presents to the customer all yarn dyeing, weaving, finishing and sewing services from the linen yarn preparation for weaving to final product presentation. Modern technologies not only preserve the best quality of linen fiber but also create exceptional combinations of elegance and functionality.

With close to 50 years’ activity experience "Linas” exports over 90% of its production and has strong positions in worldwide textiles market. Being in a geographically convenient location our company offers competitive advantages such as lead-time, flexibility, high and stable quality of product and wide assortment of products and services.

Since 2003 "Linas” has been working according to universally accepted quality requirements which correspond to OEKO-TEX 100 standards. Company has its own laboratory, also three levels quality controls system is implemented, ensuring high quality products presentation for the customer.

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Sustainability policy

60 years of experience in manufacturing taught us a lot, starting from how to select the best quality of fiber until realising how a small change of our actions can cause a chain reaction to a better future.
In our perception the pursuit of sustainability is to lower the number of world polluting factors to the minimum. The first step was made in 2017 when our company started using only green energy. That means all of the power provided to our manufacturing area is only from renewable sources. We got a certificate confirming we become socially responsible for environment, but that was not enough.
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The concept of linen and its natural sustainability is pretty much clear to everyone – it is durable, naturally biodegradable and recyclable. Flax fiber does not require the use of any pesticides or chemicals to grow. But there are plenty of other materials that are not so eco-friendly, that may take hundreds of years to moulder and produce tons of toxic waste during the process. Our, as green company, responsibility is to reduce the amount of thrown fabrics. That’s when recycled yarns took a place in our collections.
We believe that recovering something for a new life is one of the most beautiful process that human hands have created. Started from simply weaved few-coloured fabrics with recycled yarns, we are now launching collections with many designs, colours, structures and already sewed items. It may seem that we have done a lot caring about the enviroment, but we still had a long way to go to implement our sustainabiliy policy.
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Expanding the horizons, meeting new people, catching up with their ideas led us to Denmark. We were so fascinated with Closed-loop concept, so there were no questions whether to join their campaign. From now on, we are not only an enterprise that is proud of our actions, but also a part of global companies combining the one purpose - helping the planet to become cleaner, proving that human is capable not only to destroy but also create something from materials which is no longer needed by anybody.
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When we first heard about the Fashion Revolution movement we were happy as the manufacturers to share it with world – WE MADE YOUR CLOTHES. This is not something you might take part in, you must be a part of it. The whole idea of transparency is a perfect way to show our clients process of creating – from weaving until packing and labelling clothes. Since whole process of production is made at our factory we are glad to share it with you. Meet our team, people who are making linen worth wearing and using:
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Starting from 2020 we are also a member of BCI. Better cotton initiative is a global not-for-profit organisation that provides training on more sustainable farming practices, together with partners to more than two million cotton farmers in 21 countries. In the 2017-18 cotton season, licenced BCI Farmers produced more than five million metric tonnes of ‘Better Cotton’ – that accounts for around 19% of global cotton production! Numbers and the feeling belonging to such organization are amazing! Even better knowing when our customers recognises these three letters and values them as well as we do.
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There are not only major decisions that are worth calling eco. We live under few simple rules in our everyday life that cause not less of an impact:
• We are not utilizing cut offs – they are donated to social institutions, where many handicrafts are created by children, elderly or disabled people;
• We are offering linen bags to replace the plastic ones;
• We are under the policy “Think before you print” – this helps us to reduce paper use;
• Our manufacturing areas are all in the same place – this helps us to reduce CO2 consuming while transporting;
• And of course, we are sorting the garbage everywhere and always;

When people are empowered with knowledge, the result is achieved with pleasure. We firmly believe that this is only the beginning of changing the point of view and we promise these small steps we made are not even close to be all that we are up for the future. There has never been and will not be too much of a concern for the surrounding environment and our future.

Why it is worth to choose us?

13 arguments why it is worth to choose AB „Linas“ as the supplier:

  1. 60 years’ experience in linen textile market.
  2. Professional, motivated English, Russian, French speaking team is ready to consult when creating the collections.
  3. Strong team of designers, close cooperation with chemicals suppliers give possibilities to develop new assortment and new finishing methods according to customers’ needs.
  4. Wide choice of fabrics and additional finishing ( weight 70-400 g/m2, width 150-300 cm).
  5. Buffer stocks for basic fabrics for especially quick orders.
  6. Own quality laboratory.
  7. Quick preparation and shipment of samples: lab dips, color cards, master samples, fabrics hangers and albums.
  8. Possibilities to have exclusivity for designs.
  9. Preparation of certificates and technical documentation.
  10. All collection in one company (weaving, sewing, finishing, washing, packing).
  11. All consuming electricity is supplied from renewable energy sources.
  12. Since 2003 "Linas” has been working according to universally accepted quality requirements which correspond to OEKO-TEX 100 standards.
  13. New collection made with recycled yarns allowed to become members of Fabric Source/Closed Loop organisation.

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As we are producers our minimum is 400mtr per color/design. Ordering minimum quantity you can choose the weight, composition, design and colors of the fabric.We can make your designs and colors and give them exclusive rights. Any items can be sewn from this fabric as well. Please note that we can produce more then 2000 different fabrics, so we will need to get more information what fabrics or ready made items you are interested in.
If our minimum is too high for you:

1) You can buy from our stock collection. Just the minimum order must be not less then 500EUR per invoice. If this is ok for you, we can send you some information what we have in stock at this moment. Just please note that we will not guarantee that we will have the same fabric in future as stocks are limited. Also we have BASIC fabric collection – which will always be the same for long time. AB Linas basic fabric assortment can be viewed in Production/Fabrics section. Also we have home textile brand collection which we always keep in stock. The catalog of the brand collection with the wholesaler prices can be downloaded from Production/Catalogs section.

2) If this is still too much – the only one way to buy small quantity from us is our e-shop:

If you still have questions - you can always contact us.

Please visit us at following exhibitions in 2020


Munich Fabric Start 2020 02 4/6

"Munich Fabric Start" (Germany) 2020 02 4/6


Heimtextil 2020 01 7/10

„Heimtextil“ (Germany) 2020 01 7/10


PremiereVision 2020 02 11/13

“Premiere Vision” (France) 2020 01 11/13

Production services

AB “LINAS” in collaboration with partners offers following services:

Weaving preparing services

Making the warp rolls for warping machines, the width of the warping is 145-175 cm.

Weaving services

Company is weaving pure linen and linen mix fabrics with jacquard and dobby weaving looms for garments, home textile or technical purposes, according to the customer's preferred fabric technical characteristics and the desired colors. The width of fabrics 140-300cm (limited possibilities for wide width fabric).

Yarns dyeing services

  • Dyeing linen and cotton yarns using VAT or reactive dyes.
  • Weight of dyeing lots: 600 kg, 300 kg, 96 kg, 76.8 kg, 38.4 kg, 25.6 kg, 19.2 kg, 12.8 kg, 6.4 kg, 1.6 kg, 0.8 kg (please, pay attention that after dyeing 7% of yarns become line-drawn and 5% losses in weight because of dyeing).

Fabric finishing

Finishing services can be performed on our or client’s fabrics or products:

  • Bleaching
  • Dyeing - using active or washable out dyes
  • Printing – flat printing up to 7 colors
  • Softening – mechanical, chemical, Aero
  • Preshrinkage – finishing to reduce shrinkage of the fabric
  • Special finishes - easy-care, stain resistance (mud and water repellent), antibacterial, non-flammable, etc.
  • Fabrics coating - one of the most exclusive finishes performed in the company; coating is the application of functional, protective or decorative layer on the surface of the material. By changing the fabric, chemicals or methods of coating, new exclusive effects with new application and new functions are obtained.
  • NEW! Products and garments washing, softening and dyeing.

Sewing services

AB “Linas” sews home textile products:

  • Table linen (tablecloth, runners, napkins)
  • Kitchen products (aprons, potholders, gloves, towels)
  • Bedding
  • Interior products (curtains, throws, pillows)
  • Accessories (purses, bags, scarves, cosmetic bags)
  • Products for sauna (robes, towels, pads on stools).

The following operations are applied in sewing: flaps of various widths, cross angles, single or double stitching, folding, embroidery, decorative stitches, punching of eyeholes. The following accessories are possible: lace, buttons, rings, decorative stripes, piping and special stripe for curtains.

The company has obtained certificate “Oeko-Tex 100” standard for the produced items.