Are your clothes toxic?

This question is usually never raised, as we, consumers don’t want to think of the possible threats of choosing the cheapest of ‘fast fashion’ clothes.

However, perhaps we should be raising this question and think, if the modern day world, which increases its focus on fast sales, is as beautiful as it seems in the showcases?

You have probably already heard that synthetic fabrics are not among the best of solutions. What about the fact that as of 2016 96% of cotton is genetically modified? That is honest truth, and this fact is determined by increasing consumption, when the demand exceeds the supply of organic cotton. After all, not many of us realise that what may seem a natural fibre, may turn out to be not as natural as we want it to be.

The good news is that this will not likely apply to linen as it remains among the more expensive natural fabrics. Of course, not all fabric producers – even synthetic ones – use harmful raw materials. There are numerous independent laboratories, which assess, if the chemicals used are actually toxic. Oeko-tex is one of them. This company also certifies our production since 2003.

You can find out more on their website at

And here you will find a documentary on what our skin feels, when we wear clothing that we know nothing about in terms of composition or chemicals used in the production process.


Our company has launched some new projects that gives another perspective of linen items. First of all is a special collection made from recycled yarns. The collection has been made using linen and recycled yarns combination. These fabrics have special „double“ advantage: linen fiber is ecological by itself because it is absolutely does not leave any waste and when growing –  doesn‘t make any harm to nature and ecology. Not only throws and pillow cases are available with this selection – curtains is a must have for this season.

Another special new this year is our choice of linen and wool fabric blend to keep full comfort during summer and winter. The name of linen and wool collection – Harmony  perfectly holds the idea of what we wanted to create – something simple, natural but yet special for your comfort feeling.

Transforming the global supply chain to reduce waste, recapture raw material and using flax fiber combination in our fabrics  – we have made collection which best contributes to sustainability.

Also from 2020 all AB Linas supplied energy is green energy, which mean that electricity will be supplied from renewable energy sources.


All you need is less

Plastic pollution in the world is no wonder or secret. The question remains for each of us – do we want to contribute to it by increasing or decreasing it?

We believe that you want to reduce the amount of plastic you consume and make a conscious choice of reusable items and you will be satisfied with durable, natural linen shopping and storage bags.

REuse – REduce – REcycle!


We all love what is rare. We want to have something that no one else has and to be exceptional.
From now on, you can stand out by shopping with us! New Limited collections will delight you often and the assortment will never be the same.
Don’t think for too long it because it may be too late… Limited edition products are here!


Autumn – harvest time!
For the second autumn, we are proud to present Linas BRAND collections!
Dream catcher, Bubbles, Harmony, Stripe mood, Revival, Dune, Urban and Origami collections have been updated but your favorite products are still available.
You can see all collections by downloading 2019 Linen BRAND catalog and by visiting our stores!


Two of the most important things in life are good night sleep and tasty food.
Our newest collection of home textiles will help to achieve them both!
Comfortable, soft, washed linen bed sheets of 5 colours of your choice will help you catch the nicest dreams of all.
And our plain dyed table items will make any dish even tastier!


The most magical time of year has come

We meet spring with our own kind of magic – linen clothes.
Why magic? Because the feeling wearing linen is unexplainable, something you want to repeat and feel it once again.
Our newest designs are on the way, soon will be presented online and in catalogue. For now, take a sneak-peek and prepare yourselves for a magic feeling…


For many years we have been one of the biggest linen production companies in the Baltic countries. Our success is determined not only by the work experience accumulated over many years, but also by a little secret, which we want to share with you. A success in the leadership depends to a large extent on strong and united team, which moves forward together towards a common goal. Building such a team alone requires considerable effort, and maintaining it is a true challenge. Therefore, we have been working with even 4 methodologies in the company for over 15 years now, which teach us mutual understanding and respect, allow adopting unified and right decisions as well as turning the problems into challenges, and solving the conflicts only in constructive ways. We would like to introduce you to the helpers of our successful work, all four methodologies:

  1. The first one, which we established in 2005, was Goldratt It perfectly fit for the introduction of the production figures which show us the results of our activities. These figures not only allowed us seeing the contribution of each unit or employee to the overall result, but it also clearly indicated where we are and the direction we are moving towards. Our whole motivation system is based namely on these figures, which we use up until now.
  2. Then followed Franklin Covey – with the help of his methodologies we learned how to plan our time, distinguish the most essential works, and thus focus only on moving forward and achieving the best results. Monthly and weekly plans supplemented the company’s annual targets, due to which we learned to see our mistakes, learn from them and do not repeat them again.
  3. The methodology of Adize helped to strengthen teamwork, since it mostly focuses on conflict solution, encouraging us not to be afraid and know how to solve them in constructive way, i.e. teaches us measures useful to the company as well as how to save time dealing with challenges and not with problems, since only after they are solved the company will be able to move forward. Delving into this methodology we realised that all employees are different and we learned not to be afraid – the more different people, the stronger the team is. We always encourage creativity and new ideas of our colleagues as well as the teamwork with future projects.
  4. Currently we are intensively working with the methodology of Su Lean. We use her ideas mostly in the production processes: we are working using 5S method, which allows quick identification of the losses of the process and taking steps to eliminate them. 5S means: Sort; Set In order; Shine; Standardise; Self-discipline; in this way we try to eliminate any waste, by creating the environment where the employees may quickly notice the problems and immediately take actions to deal with them. Moreover, all employees are involved in the solution of problems: we encourage all people to offer their ideas for the improvement of the production processes.

Internal rules, such as mutual understanding and respect towards each other, only strengthen the effect of the methodologies, when all of us stand together, when we know that no one’s opinion is going to be condemned, and the contribution to the improvement of the processes will be appropriately evaluated. Success is knowing that our whole team is looking in the same direction.


And here she is – a woman holding the whole factory on her shoulders, but never forgetting to smile. Our new CEO Vilita



Even though it is clear that there is no need for us to use fur in our production it doesn’t mean that we don’t care.

One of our main point as manufacturers is to keep balance between our actions and consequences. We are passionate to support movements that are against cruelty and unethical behaviour.

When transparency becomes more and more important to the clients who cares about how their product was made, we are more than happy to join this fur free activity that spreads the word to the world.


Meet the people behind you clothes

Have you ever raised an idea “who made my clothes?”? More and more people from all around the world are seeking for the transparency and sustainability and this question is raised very often. Fashion revolution is motivating all of the fashion industry’s chain to show the world how and who made your clothes, which began in 2013 when a building collapsed in Bangladesh with all of the textile industry’s workers.

Our clothing story starts and ends in our factory, from weaving the fabric until packing and labelling. There are more than 300 people working here and most of final production receivers have no idea who stands behind it. So our company, which is always into new ideas and motivational movements, of course took the first step to a big change and we are presenting you our team, who made your clothes.


Have you heard about textiles library? We did. And we a part of it.

Starting working with our new partners Closed-loop was a huge inspiration for us. Being a part of something so important made us think twice about our actions. Even though recycled yarns wasn’t any news to us – seeing how many companies are involved in making world a better place, we feel inspired to grow our “green textiles” assortment as never.

Closed-loop, as they call themselves a bridge, between knowledge and industry is wide profile company, working with many textile companies all over the world. Their main policy is to keep everything in circle – the possibilities of re-using are endless and massive.

There is nothing we can be proud more than knowing we are doing what’s in our power to make our world cleaner safer and more beautiful.

Take a look, get involved, be a part of it.