Activity results of year 2020 of AB “Linas” and the Group of companies

On April 30, 2021 AB “Linas” General Meeting of Shareholders confirmed AB “Linas” and the Group of the companies audited consolidated annual financial reports of year 2020 which are prepared acc. to International financial accountability standards accepted by EU and agreed to annual report for the year  2020.

The sales incomes in 2020 of AB “Linas” group of companies were 14.01 mill. EUR. In 2019 sales incomes were 12.98 mill. EUR. The sales incomes of the Company in 2020 were 14 mill. EUR, and in 2019 – 12.97 mill. EUR.

Net Profit in 2020 of AB “Linas” group of companies was 514.58 thous. EUR. Group result of year 2019 was 108.7 thous. EUR net profit. Net profit in 2020 of Company was 784.5 thous. EUR, in 2019 was 167.79 thous. EUR.

The Group’s net profit compared to 2020 12 months published interim information main difference is the charged Profit tax.

Presenting AB “Linas” and the Group of the companies audited annual information of the year 2020.


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