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“Smart” products

Using special finishing methods, it is possible to adapt linen products for more comfortable use, by creating added value or new appearance.

heat reflectiing coating*SUN-PRO – special heat reflective coating, tendered for curtains. Such linen curtains reflect sunlight, infrared and UV rays, so the room does not heat up, furniture do not fade. Sun-pro finish is more breathable and not enough darken the room comparing with blackout. Click for full presentation.

*WATER-water repellent coatingPRO – special water, dirt, grease repellent finish, designed for both home textiles and garments. The coated fabric does not absorb liquids, so it is enough to wipe the stain with a cloth. tendered for table items, bags, shower curtains, clothes. Click for full presentation.

dual color coating*DUAL-COLOR – decorative finish, allowing to cover one side of fabric in different colors: gold, silver, pearl and etc. So having colored effect on one side and keeping the original on the other, fabric looks like double faced. Such fabric can be used for clothes and for home textile as well. Click for full presentation.

stiff logo*STIFF-TEX – coating with stiffening colorless paste, tendered for roller, vertical or roman blinds. The coated fabric becomes sturdy, but does not break, retain its shape and are permeable to air, cutting edges are trimmed, do not come apart making it ideal for window covers manufacturing. Click for full presentation.

care tex*CARE-TEX – softener for washed items enriching fabric with aloe vera gel, jojoba oil and vitamin E, which absorbs moisture, gives anti-static effect, protects the skin from aging, calms and moisturizes the skin. Perfect option for summer clothes, linen bedding, sauna, bath or SPA items. Click for full presentation.

stone washed enzyme*FADE-TEX – coating also known as delavè is available only for ready – made items,  have subtle, uneven color on one side of the fabric, which is unique to each item. After washing items with special chemicals (enzymes) subtle faded effect with a soft feel appears creating vintage effect. Click for full presentation.

*SUEDE-TEX – coating, which give suede effect on one side of fabric, leaving other side untouched with all the good properties of linen. It can be a good alternative who prefer non-animal product. Such garments and home textile products have better liquid or stain resistance then suede or nubuck, can be washed. Click for full presentation.

Linen products

  • Discover all good qualities of linen in AB “Linas” products.


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